Contracts Division Forms

Contracts Division Forms

Click on the name of a contract below to open it as a Microsoft Word version:


ARPA Grant Agreement

ARPA Agency Subgrant Agreement

ARPA Funding Source Exhibit for Contractors/Consultants

ARPA Revenue Loss Grant Agreement

ARPA Revenue Loss Agency Subgrant Agreement

ARPA Revenue Loss Funding Source Exhibit for Contractors/Consultants

Inter-Agency Agreement


Covid-19 Assumption of Risks Sign

City Facilities Covid-19 Waiver

Vendor Covid-19 Clause


Artist Engagement Contract

Artist Release

Amendment Incorporating Original Agreement by Reference

Amendment Replacing Sections of Original Agreement

Assignment Agreement

Circuit Court Non-Retiree Contractual Emplyment Agreement

Circuit Court Retiree Contractual Employment Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement - City Employee

Confidentiality Agreement - Temporary Employee

Cooperative Purchasing Agreement

Data Use Agreement

Developer Agreement

Donation Agreement with Contractor Not Signing

Donation Agreement with Contractor

Donation Agreement with Donor Performing Work (no Contractor)

Field Trip Release for Adults

Field Trip Release for Minors

Image Release for Adults

Image Release for Minors

Interagency Agreement

Non-Construction Consultant Agreement

Non-Retiree Contractual Agreement

Provider Agreement

Retiree Contractual Agreement

Right of Entry Agreement with Contractor

Right of Entry Agreement with Prime and Sub

Waiver of Rights Pursuant to the Visual Artists Rights Act