Proposed City Regulations Of the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore

In accordance with the Baltimore City Administrative Procedures Act, this website provides the text of proposed regulations of City agencies, boards and commissions. All the proposed regulations appearing on this website have been reviewed and approved for form and legal sufficiency by the City Law Department. These proposals are not legally effective yet but have been provided on this website for public notice and consideration.

When a regulation becomes legally effective, it will appear in The Code of Baltimore City Regulations Annotated. That document can be found by clicking here.

How to use this website

To see the current list of proposed regulations for a City agency, board or commission, use the dropdown menu below. Click the name of the entity whose proposed regulation you wish to see. If the entity has submitted a proposed regulations for review, another dropdown menu will appear below the first one, displaying the titles of regulations for review.

To see the full text of a regulation or to comment on a regulation, click the relevant tab. All comments received will be automatically forwarded to the entity proposing the regulation.

There are currently no proposed regulations available