Police Legal Affairs Practice Group

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The Police Legal Affairs Practice Group is responsible for the full spectrum of diverse legal requirements of the Baltimore Police Department (“BPD”).  These matters include:

  • Defense of civil litigation against the BPD and its members.
  • Representation of the BPD in connection with misconduct investigations and disciplinary proceedings.
  • Legal advice and counsel to the Police Commissioner and command staff.
  • Contract review and strategic project guidance.
  • Assistance with Consent Decree implementation and representation of BPD in all related court proceedings.

Contact Information

Justin Conroy, Esq
Chief of the Office of Legal Affairs
100 N. Holliday St., Suite 101
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone:  (410) 396-5250
Fax:  (410) 396-2126

Want to serve a subpoena or summons on BPD or one of its members?

The proper methods of service are described in the Maryland and Federal Rules of Procedure.  

The Police Legal Affairs Practice Group can accept service from the Commissioner, the Custodian of Records, and the Command Staff (rank of Director/Captain and above). Hand deliver the documents to the BPD headquarters building at 601 E Fayette St.  Baltimore, MD 21202 (there is no postal delivery at this address).  Office of Legal Affairs will accept service between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm Monday thru Friday except for holidays.

If you are serving a member of the Department below the rank of Director/Captain, you should contact the administrative officer of the District or Unit where the member is assigned to coordinate a time to serve the member.  Note:  no member of the Baltimore Police Department can accept the service of a Civil Summons (a lawsuit) for another member. 

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