MWBOO Launches B2G Diversity Management System

Baltimore City, MD (August 23, 2022): The Baltimore City Minority & Women’s Business Opportunity Office (MWBOO) is ecstatic to announce that it is now utilizing the new B2G Diversity Management System!  The system is now the home of the MWBOO certified minority business enterprise (MBE) and women’s business enterprise (WBE) Directory, new and renewal application submission, requests to update business contact information, and requests to expand certified services.  Additionally, MWBOO now has the capabilities to conduct targeted outreach to active primes, M/WBEs, or to particular NAICS service codes where there has been a historical lack of available certified M/WBEs.  These outreach efforts will lead to greater availability and limit the need for waivers due to the lack of certified M/WBEs.   

MWBOO oversees the City’s Minority and Women’s Business Program pursuant to City Code Article 5, § 28-10(a).  MWBOO’s duties include: certifying businesses as a MBE and/or a WBE; maintaining a directory of certified M/WBEs; providing information, needed assistance, and advocating to increase M/WBEs ability to compete effectively for the award of City contracts; reviewing and monitoring agency contracts to ensure utilization of M/WBEs in compliance with the participation goals; and investigating alleged violations of Article 5, Subtitle 28 and, when appropriate, make written recommendations for remedial action.  City Code Article 5, §28-10(b).  This transformative system will greatly assist MWBOO in carrying out all of their City Code mandated duties.  The certified M/WBE Directory is crucial to ensuring that these businesses are visible and utilized on City contracts.  M/WBE availability and development are crucial to the success of Baltimore!  

This is an exciting time for M/WBEs in Baltimore!  Please be sure to visit MWBOO to review the M/WBE certified directory, get guidance about completing bid participation forms, answers to frequently asked questions, learn more about upcoming events like Part III of MWBOO’s Financial Literary Series: Why Bonding Matters presented by Assured Partners, review the soon to be released 2022 Disparity Study conducted by MGT, and the upcoming MWBOO Annual Report. 

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