About Us

The Minority and Women’s Business Opportunity Office (MWBOO) is responsible for overseeing the City’s Minority and Women’s Business Program (MWB Program) codified in City Code Article 5, Subtitle 28.  The MWB Program is “necessary to overcome the effects of past discrimination and to prevent ongoing discrimination in the City’s contracting process, while assuring that high quality goods and services are obtained through the competitive bidding process.” City Code § 28-3(a)(4).  The MWB Program requirements are applicable to all City contracts and spending.  

The City Code specifically details the duties of MWBOO, stating:

The Minority and Women’s Business Opportunity Office is responsible for the administration of this subtitle.

The Office’s duties include:

  1. certification of business enterprises covered by this subtitle;
  2. maintaining a directory of business enterprises certified under this subtitle;
  3. providing information and needed assistance to business enterprises covered by this subtitle to increase their ability to compete effectively for the award of City contracts;
  4. investigating alleged violations of this subtitle and, when appropriate, making written recommendations for remedial action;
  5. developing and distributing all necessary forms, applications, and documents necessary to comply with this subtitle;
  6. maintaining statistics on and reviewing regularly the progress of agencies towards achieving the annual goals for the utilization of minority business enterprises, women’s
  7. business enterprises, small business enterprises, and local business enterprises;
  8. recommending to appropriate City officials methods to further the policies and goals of this subtitle;
  9. monitoring contractors throughout the duration of their contracts to ensure that all efforts are made to comply with this subtitle; and 
  10. certifying compliance with this subtitle before contracts are submitted to the Board of Estimates for award.

City Code Art. 5, §28-10(a).  

MWBOO’s mission is grounded in bringing equitable contracting opportunities to minority-owned businesses (MBE) and woman-owned businesses (WBE).  MWBOO collaborates with agencies throughout the City during the procurement process and contract term to ensure that there are opportunities for MBE/WBE participation.  

MWBOO has expanded to include M/WBE business development and outreach.  With these additional duties we are keenly focused upon increasing small, local, and M/WBE entrepreneurship. The inclusion of MBE/WBE participation goals and compliance to ensure utilization injects dollars directly into minority and women’s owned businesses.  We are actively working to recruit and retain minority and women businesses seeking to do business with the City of Baltimore by expanding contracting opportunities with the MWB Program.  We are additionally working to increase all small local businesses.  

Be sure to visit Sourcelink, the online resource hub for small businesses that includes: business guides for popular business, how to start and grow a business, secure funding, grants, and Sizeup Baltimore where you can measure your business performance, find customers suppliers, competitors, optimize marketing and advertising, and analyze demographics.  The Small Business Resource Center (SBRC) offers a robust schedule of 70 webinars and workshops to assist small businesses including: (4) Truist webinars monthly on repairing your credit, growing your business, budgeting during crisis, becoming a homeowner and (2) monthly classes taught by SBRC Director Paul Taylor on developing a business plan and cashflow planning. 

MWBOO is here to assist, counsel, provide resources to foster growth and zealously advocate to protect the interests of minority and women-owned businesses.